Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad
Gym Heel Pad

Gym Heel Pad

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The New Gym Heel Pad Is Here

The new and improved Gym Heel Pad by Asher Athletic is your perfect event companion! When only the best care, quality, and protection will do, wear when heels are sore, when you want a little extra bounce and cushion, to help prevent or recover from an injury. 

For an all-around feeling of comfort & confidence

The new version 2 Gym Heel Pad is a revolutionary update in gymnast heel protection and training. Experience awesome upgrades with this new version!

These heel pads offer superb comfort, utility – and now, ankle adjustability– to the athlete! If you have tried other types of heel cups and experienced underwhelming results, the Gym Heel Pads will be a welcomed and surprising change. 

  • Unique construction & stitching allows the gymnast to feel immediate relief & comfort
  • Jump, point, flex, run, leap & tumble without obstruction
  • For balance beam, spring floor, rod floor, trampoline, & more 
  • Non-slip bottom sole
  • Improved ergonomic fit (version 2)
  • Adjustable ankle/achilles (version 2)
  • Breathable air mesh inner sole (version 2)
  • Maximum impact & shock absorption
  • Lightweight

Flexible and durable with comfortable cushioning for your heels from repetitive and painful impact on various hard surfaces in the gym. This newly released foot support for artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline, and dance – is made to only the highest standards. 

Recommended for gymnasts needing heel pain relief

Focus on the skills you wish to master thanks to the hard work, attention to detail, and supreme construction quality that was necessary to bring this great piece of soft technology from an idea to a thing!

Gymnasts will greatly benefit from the Gym Heel Pad because that is who they are designed for. Sturdy and light, the heel pads will not hinder your ability to move while training your skill or routine; point, flex, tumble, and flip naturally. This piece of sweet foot action does more for you than any other 'heel cup' or product you may have already tried.

Ideal for balance beam, vault, trampoline & tumbling!

Save 5% with purchase of both sizes

Comfortable and ergonomically built to give the athlete an uplifting feeling and positive reinforcement of ability. Fast cushion rebound first tested on the Bar Heel Pad means fresh steps and impact resilience, every time. Great on balance beam, when tumbling, or on vault.

Comfortable and ergonomically built to give the athlete an uplifting feeling and positive reinforcement of ability.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, want a bit more protection while learning a new series or intense skill, or like the feeling of wearing something with support, the Gym Heel Pad is for you. Try the newest foot protection made for gymnasts today.

Here is a short video to get more familiar with the Gym Heel Pad:


Read about the prototyping process of this new gymnastics product here.

SMALL size is suitable for roughly US women's shoe sizes 5 to 6, or Youth Shoe/Child Sizes 13 to 5. Most importantly, measure the widest part of your foot. See the sizing chart.

MEDIUM size is suitable for roughly US women's shoe sizes 6 to 9 or Youth/Child 6 & up. Most importantly, measure the widest part of your foot. See the sizing chart.

Please contact me for any sizing questions!

Washable and vegan construction. Sold as a pair. 

Handmade in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tanya Cloyd

So much better than other heel cups we have tried! My daughter has severs and when she wears these- she finally feels no pain! Wish there was a version she could put inside her shoes

Hello Tanya, and thank you so much! I am glad your daughter has experienced pain relief when wearing the Gym Heel Pads. Also, I will take your desire for an in-shoe version to heart! You got me thinking... Please take care!

Julie G
Love version 2!

I have a 10yo daughter who has been dealing with Severs pain for awhile. We tried a different heel pad that wasn’t comfortable and didn’t provide much relief. We found the first version of this product and my daughter loved it- but her only complaint was that it was loose in the heel and slipped a bit. When I saw that version 2.0 had an adjustable heel strap we ordered it right away. She used it for the first time today and it fits snugly and comfortably with no slipping! Love the improvements in the new version!

Julie, thank you for being a returning customer! I value your feedback and experience with my product. So glad that the version 2 Gym Heel Pad has gained points where something was left to be desired. Keep training hard!

Michaela T
So far, great!

We have been dealing with Severs, and have used a different brand help cup. It worked okay, but was needing to be replaced, when we found this site.
Between PT and these new heel pads, her heels have been doing well! She is back tumbling and not hurting, which is such a relief! These are easier to put on and don’t stink, which is a bonus! Thanks for a great product!

Michaela, this is great news. Thank you for trying and trusting something I made from scratch and an idea to bring a new kind of quality to gymnastics. Heel pain can be so debilitating; I'm glad you've found a combination that works!

Brianna Toth

I have a 9 year old gymnast that trains 15+ hours a week and has been suffering with heel pain for the last 6 months. We have tried a few different brands that we found on Amazon that helped some but she would still complain that it hurt, just not as bad. She was skeptical when these arrived but as soon as she tried them she fell in love! She has been pain free and that makes a huge difference in her training.

Brianna, wow! Firstly, sorry to hear about the persistent heel pain that sometimes comes with so many hours in the gym. I am really glad you found these to be the best option for your gymnast yet. I hope there will be many more pain-free days ahead for her. Happy training!

laura tostado

Gym Heel Pad