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FAQ, Holiday Shipping, & Covid

A guide to frequently asked questions about product sizing and receiving orders. Plus Covid.


Product Sizing

The Bar Heel Pad and Beam Heel Pad are purpose-built foot protection and training aids for gymnasts. Let's take a look at how to correctly size your Asher Athletic footwear for an ideal fit, compared to your regular shoe size.

Please use the size chart on the product pages to find your appropriate corresponding size.

Where's my order?

I really want you to receive your order as quickly as possible. Typically, customers do receive their orders in a timely manner, according to the postage paid.

Unfortunately there are occasions when shipments take longer than expected. Reasons for this can include: high-volume shipping times (the holidays), recent Covid affects, weather, etc.

Though I wish I could get even more information and updates with which to provide customers in these rare situations, the provided tracking number(s) reveals the only up-to-date info that we have access to. 

Gift Card Terms

Covid-19 News / Updates

Due to escalated health concerns of COVID-19 outbreak & efforts to mitigate continued misunderstood spread of the disease, products will not be accepted for returns at this time. This is only temporary and not part of Asher Athletic's overall return/exchange policy. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Of course these products are fantastic with nothing else like them, and so why would you want to return them in the first place?