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Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag
Gym Bucket Bag

Gym Bucket Bag

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An expanding small gear bag to stay organized.

As gym culture evolves to encourage better organization, improved hygiene, and more efficiency, there is an increasing need to keep our personal things close by and easily accessible. This is much more than a grip bag. Typical drawstring and duffel bags are cumbersome to use and often difficult to find what we need.

This very capable bag has five separate compartments to store and easily access your equipment, while the surrounding side pocket unfolds to become a separate single storage area.  Carry or attach to a larger bag with the button-strapped handle. See the video below!

Outer layer unfolds to reveal a large single compartment

The Asher Athletic Gym Bucket Bag is presented to you as a different kind of carrying solution for essential smaller-sized gym gear and personal items. 

This simple and transformable bag does quite a lot without taking up much space at all. 


  • Meant for your Bar Heel Pads and Beam Heel Pads, grips & wristbands, tape/pre-wrap, snacks, drink bottle, spray bottle, chalk, & more. 

Working Out

  • Keep your towel, gloves, hand sanitizer, body wipes, beverage of choice, phone, keys, wallet, protein bar, tape, warm-up jacket, & weight belt, for example, all right there with you at the ready. 

Dancing & Cheer

  • As a dancer, there are a surprising number of things we need in the studio: shoes, extra tights/leo, hair accessories, towel, deodorant, bandages/antiseptic wipes/antibiotic ointment, water bottle, protein bar & snacks.

Rock Climbing & Bouldering

  • Easily carry your shoes, chalk bag, beverage bottle, some food, brush, tape, carabiners/ belay devices, wallet & keys, phone – pretty much everything you may need for a great time bouldering and climbing, minus the obvious.

    Use the handle or snap to another bag for easy carry

    This will be your new favorite sports bag hands down! Replace the under-performing drawstring or duffle bag with a smart design that creates maximum convenience and functionality for you. 


    • Compact size
    • Large carrying capacity
    • Expandable
    • 5 inner compartments
    • Large single compartment (expands)
    • Oversized snap button 
    • Highest quality construction & materials
    • Adjustable spring button & cord

    Colors: Falken Blue, Asher Red

    Bag dimensions: 9.5”/25cm diameter, 7”/18cm deep

    Single compartment dimensions: 9.5”/25cm diameter, 5.5”/14cm deep

    Sold by Colorado Aerials & Capital Gymnastics in Austin, TX, along with a growing number of clubs around the US!

    Designed in Denver, Colorado

    Asher Athletic – For Today’s Gymnast

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Mrs. CCC
    Best organizer!!!

    My girls have lots of bar stuff.
    Tapes, grips, back up grips, finger tapes and etc..
    Love this bucket bag because we can see them all nicely! Girls can also find their things easily, too.

    We recently brought it to Western championship and she loved it. Perfect for your practice and your travel meet!

    Highly recommended!

    I even want one for myself to get my things organized!

    Erica Anderson

    Great for carrying from event to event or keeping your locker/ gym bag organized.

    Erica, I think the bag is great for those things too! Great to hear that the bag is working well for you to keep organized. Thanks for your review!

    Tom Forster
    Unique and practical

    It's great to finally have accessories for gymnasts designed for them instead of having to use things designed for other sports. Nice job Asher.

    Thank you very much, Tom! These are a fun solution and alternative to whatever else is being used in gyms.