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Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad
Bar Heel Pad

Bar Heel Pad

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Thank you! Medium size is out of stock – Sorry for any inconvenience! Currently accepting orders – expected delivery 3-5 weeks.

Safe training & enhanced bar skills with help from the Bar Heel Pad

Gymnastics receives a great update with the introduction of this specialized training footwear. 

  • Unique construction allows the gymnast to put feet completely together with full protection all around.
  • Point, flex, even stand on the bar with no problem.
  • Train pirouetting skills, releases, giants, straight body casting, & more.
  • Non-slip bottom sole prevents the pad from excessive wearing.
  • The ergonomic design is comfortable to wear for the entire bar workout.
  • Sleek & purposeful– the gymnast can easily clear their feet for advanced inside circles. 
  • Velcro inner portion serves as an audible cue to refine your technique. 🎶
  • Dual-density cushion for maximum impact & shock absorption.

The Asher Athletic Bar Heel Pad is very light – less than 5.5 ounces! This helps keep the gymnast more focused when training essential and higher-level bar skills and drills. Safety, however, and the ability for the heel pads to withstand serious impacts remains unmatched. It's surprising how truly shock-proof these are.

The only dedicated heel protection for gymnasts training bar events

Sleek in shape and compact in size, the cushion of the heel pads is deceivingly strong and sturdy. Construction is made up of two different foam densities that combine to create a pain-free experience every time, no matter the angle or strength of impact.

The removable inner Velcro portion is designed to help improve your form and timing with pirouetting skills, straight body casting, giants, drills, and more. 

Train with confidence and focus on your ability to achieve the best results. You can do it!

Getting this important training tool to perform for gymnasts as they demand was paramount. You are welcome to add the new standard in wearable heel protection to your training. Absolutely comfortable and convenient to wear during an entire bar rotation. 

Experience quality chosen materials and superior design that took a lot of time and dedication to get right. Please read about the prototyping process of this flagship product here

Washable. Vegan construction.

SMALL size (red) is suitable for roughly US women's shoe sizes 5 to 6, or Youth/Child Sizes 13 up to 5. Highest point: 6"/15cm

Medium size is out of stock; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

MEDIUM size (navy) is suitable for roughly US women's shoe sizes 6 to 9 or Youth/Child shoe sizes 6 & up. Highest point: 6"/15cm

Most importantly, measure the widest part of your foot. See the sizing chart. Please contact me for any sizing questions!

Sold as a pair. 

Handmade in Japan 

 New Lower Price!

Asher Athletic - For Today’s Gymnast.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kimberly Martinez
Release moves confidence

My 11 year old daughter is learning release moves for level 10 bars. We ordered the small bar heel pads and they work great. Gives confidence when learning her tkachev. We will definitely buy again as she grows. Thanks,

Kimberly, thank you for your review and I am happy to know your daughter is working hard and getting help from these Bar Heel Pads!

My gymnast says they are great!

My daughter, the level 9 gymnast, says they are great, good fit and protects her heals. She recommends for heal protection.

Bonita, thank you for your review! I'm glad to know these are working well for your daughter and that she recommends these Bar Heel Pads. From around Level 9 is definitely when one can benefit from this training/protective footwear. Thanks again!


Mt size is 7.5. Just fit.
I am 50 years old and restarted gymnastics. I will try Jäger with these pads.

Thank you very much and I am glad for the correct fit. It is wonderful to hear that you are again taking up gymnastics– and doing impressive skills at that! I am cheering you on and thank you again.

Liz Albert
I just wanted to thank you for giving me the confidence to come close enough to the bar again...

Thank you so much making for such a great product. I have tried many other kneepads on my heels and in my younger days I had no trouble being confident to catch the bar. However now as a senior citizen in the sport my body is not what it used to be and I have been very scared to come close enough to the bar to catch it. Your heel pads made all the difference for me. Thank you again.

Liz, you are awesome for getting your confidence back! Of course I am happy that these heel pads could play a part in again doing your skills and what you love. Keep swinging!

Alison O'Donnell
These are great!!

My daughter wears a size seven shoe. I’d say if given the choice, the smalls would be a better fit. We love these though, and would recommend to everyone!!

Thanks for your review, Alison! I'm also surprised about a size 7 working with a small! The sizing chart has been my best adaption to customer suggestions and scenarios over the past couple years, so by no means is it a set thing.

A wide/narrow foot, high/low instep, or thin/thick ankle differences may determine your true size.