Nice to meet you, I'm Tyler.


Hello, how are you?

My name is Tyler Forster, and welcome to my store!

I am from Colorado and have lived in a couple interesting places in the US, including a few foreign countries. I am tremendously thankful for these experiences and relationships because they have helped to shape who I am today. Things that I'm into are going to the racetrack with my Impreza, enjoying JDM car culture, going on road trips, gardening, wild bird watching, and spending time with friends and family.

Anyway I thought it would be pleasant to introduce myself and let you know why I started Asher Athletic and what the deal is here. Again, thanks for visiting my store! 

A view of Pikes Peak from the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center; Scrub Oak displaying its colorful fall foliage.
Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs Pikes Peak
The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.  
U.S. Olympic Paralympic Museum

Growing Up With Gymnastics

Growing up in Colorado Springs with owners of a gymnastics club was a great experience. Spending countless hours as a child at the gym for practice, meets, travel, training camps, conventions, championships, and everything else gymnastics was very influential to me.

Intelligent and critical thinkers– my parents always found ways to adapt and keep the business going through different seasons of life. Entrepreneurship seemed challenging but quite worth doing. 


Inspired By Innovation

When visiting different gyms, it's always fun to see the creative ways that owners and coaches make custom equipment to fulfill their needs for training and drills in their space. The creativity in gymnastics clubs across the country must really be something; I applaud all of you solution-makers and doers! (Feel free to email me to show and explain any of your custom apparatus.)

An off-the-shelf product is not always available, and so it becomes time for creative thinking and multiple trips to the hardware store. 

Let's take a look at a few home... gym-made solutions:

Homemade vault mount over Tumbl Trak, courtesy of Denver University Athletics Women's Gymnastics. Removable with hardware.

These are custom-made platforms that extend out from floor-level with telescopic tubular steel, held securely with drilled holes for desired length over the trench bar. Colorado Aerials Gymnastics in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado. 

Trench Bar platform Aerials Gymnastics

Another version of a pit bar or trench bar platform. This type platform type is stationary and pivots from the hinged mounting point and is supported by legs. Pretty cool!
Trench Bar Platform Aerials Gymnastics

Trench Bar Aerials Gymnastics

Motivating Factors

Motivated by constant innovation and creativity that I see and grew up with, I see opportunities to present new products that seek to update this wonderful sport with new expectations, standards of quality, and a high level of customer service. 

Take a look at my blog post about Prototyping the Bar Heel Pad to see an example of bringing a product from homemade/gym-made to high quality and ready for purchase. 

From Asher Athletic's perspective, much is left to be desired with the 'personal' product variety that gymnasts have access to; i.e. wearable things like grips, heel pads, and the like.

[Insert small specialized sporting goods company called Asher Athletic.]

Also, perhaps not every aesthetic must be pink with sparkles and a cute factor times ten. 



I hope this helps explain why I do what I do, and what my desires and motivations are for Asher Athletic as they pertain to you, my customer.

My ultimate joy is seeing my products get used.

Thank you for reading this and considering these products as solutions to improve your quality of life and training in the gym, and perhaps out of it. I am grateful to have the ability and opportunity to be a very small part of your journey.

Please take care!