New Product Showcase: DuoTape Natural Tones Athletic Tape

Typically, sports tape isn't exactly an exciting topic or subject that gets much mention – but this time is different!

"Inspired by the beauty of the individual, DuoTape exists to inspire everyone to strive for excellence and quality."


These attractive and diverse skin tones blend in to work perfectly as a cover-up tape that suits many uses:

  • Under grips for bars
  • On hands to prevent rips
  • Strapping certain joints for support
  • Under leotard seams to prevent rubbing
  • Over your clinical/trainer taping for aesthetic blending
  • Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Tumbling & Trampoline

Asher Athletic tape natural skin tone

4 natural and diverse skin tones for everyone.

The purpose and focus of this tape is to give maximum discretion and concealment to the athlete. It blends in very well to highlight the individual.


Asher Athletic Sports Tape


DuoTape does more than just looks great.

This sports tape performs just as well! In a side-by-side comparison (artistic gymnastics) with another brand of natural color tape, our athletic tape holds up to better keep its look and hold its shape. 

Pre-wrap may also be optional with this product, as the adhesive is gentle on skin when applied and removed directly. As always, try a sample to see what is best for you.

Durable and easy to use.

The serrated tape edge is a nice detail that allows accurate lengths of tape to easily tear from the roll. No scissors or teeth necessary, so please save them!

Made of cotton and zinc oxide, these materials are safe on skin* and are made to last and stand the rigors of movement, perspiration, and various forces applied when wearing.

Machiatto DuoTape Asher Athletic

Macchiato shown above.

 Visit the product page here for more information and photos.

Welcome, DuoTape!

This product exemplifies the kind of next-level design and purposefulness that Asher Athletic strives for.

And so, a warm welcome this new addition to the store and looking forward to great things to come with amazing people.

Thank you very much!


* Please check with your physician for any possible allergies.