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PRO-Repair Serum
PRO-Repair Serum
PRO-Repair Serum

PRO-Repair Serum

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Exceptional healing and hydration with hyaluronic acid

Asher Athletic introduces PRO-Repair Serum with hyaluronic acid and B, C, & E vitamins. 

Practicing gymnastics multiple days per week can be hard on your body, and gymnasts are often all too familiar with hand rips from working bars. The damage done from chalk and sweat can become painful and debilitating.

Rips and dryness usually take longer to heal than we'd prefer, but you now have this great skin care product to help speed repair of dry and damaged areas on hands and wrists.

Also of course an amazing hydrator for your beautiful face!

For best results, apply to damaged area after bathing & before bed

Hyaluronic acid (HA) contains antibacterial properties and plays a key role in healing external wounds and tissue regeneration. HA occurs naturally in skin, with particularly high levels of concentration near open wounded areas; HA helps wounds heal faster by regulating inflammation and signaling the body to increase red blood cell count in and around the damaged area.

Use PRO-Repair Serum to help your skin heal well and carry on training

For gymnasts training on high bar, uneven bars, parallel pars, rings, and balance beam. Keep in your grip bag or bathroom cabinet. 1 oz. Lasts quite a while – no need to overuse.

Thus far, research and studies on serums and gel application of hyaluronic acid is promising. We are excited about this athletic application and its healing properties well suited to the sport of gymnastics. Browse the studies below for some very fascinating information.

Inflammation & Tissue Regeneration Study

Antimicrobial Study

Bacteriostatic Effects Study


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